24/7 SCADA System Maintenance Services for a Semiconductor Company with Multiple Project Locations

Since 2010, Plant Werx provides a dedicated engineer per project site 24/7 for our semiconductor customer’s SCADA system maintenance and ad-hoc services including emergency call back. Our customer is a global leader in silicon-to-semiconductor memory solutions with 4 fabrication facilities in Singapore.

  • To normalize system and minimize the impact on production when ad-hoc is triggered
  • To support third-party vendors during tie-in or troubleshooting
  • To provide suggestions to customer to minimize the impact
  • To find out the root cause and solution to prevent it from happening again
  • Customer’s information or feedback unable to determine the current situation at site
Solutions Implemented by Plant Werx
  • Deployment of experienced engineer to normalize the system
  • Having professional team to support remotely when ad-hoc has been triggered
  • Monitoring for 30 to 60 minutes to make sure the system is stable
  • Average time to normalize on site situation is 2 hours
  • For Project Site A: Total savings in 7 years: SGD 302,700; average monthly savings since January 2016 to present: SGD 3,400
  • For Project Site B: Total savings in 2 years: SGD 172,000; average monthly savings since September 2021 to present: SGD 8,200