System Migration from Wonderware System Platform 2014 to Wonderware System Platform 2020

  • To migrate existing systems (Wonderware System Platform 2014 and Windows Server 2012) to the latest software version (Wonderware System Platform 2020 and Windows Server 2019).
  • The project included 5 SCADA clients, 8 SCADA DA server, 4 SCADA application servers, 1 Galaxy repository servers, 1 Historian server.
  • Tallying changes that are being done to the existing application and to the application that was being upgraded
  • To find out method to connect toward OPC server/devices due to limitation of connection for the OPC server/ devices
Solutions Implemented by Plant Werx
  • Set up an in-house environment to development and testing which was replicated onsite setup to make sure it will have minimal error while migrating at site
  • Successfully migrated the application to the newest software version with minimal downtime