System Migration from Wonderware Application Server 3.1 to Wonderware System Platform 2017

Whenever there’s upgrade, the critical aspect is production downtime. For our semiconductor customer manufacturing foundational DRAM, NAND and NOR flash memories as well as SSDs, modules, MCPs, HMC and other semiconductor systems.

  • To migrate existing systems (Wonderware System Platform 3.1 and Windows 7) to the latest software version (Wonderware System Platform 2017 and Windows 10)
  • The project included 18 SCADA clients, 22 SCADA DA server, 20 SCADA application servers, 3 Galaxy repository servers, 1 Historian server, 1 Wonderware information server and 1 remote monitoring server.
  • Tallying changes that are being done to the existing application and to the application that was being upgraded
  • To find out method to connect toward OPC server/devices due to limitation of connection for the OPC server/ devices
Solutions Implemented by Plant Werx
  • Set up an in-house environment for development and testing which was replicated onsite setup to make sure it will have minimal error while migrating at site
  • Successfully migrated the application to the newest software version with minimal downtime and no adverse impact to customer’s manufacturing operations
  • The re-designed system also provided redundancy for all levels and has the capability for future expansions of the customer’s SCADA system.