Historian System for a Chemical Company

A chemical company approached Plant Werx regarding software engineering and commissioning of Wonderware Historian.

  • The customer has an existing PLC and HMI system, but wants to adopt Wonderware Historian.
  • Deploy a historical data logging system to collect data from an existing PLC- HMI system
  • Collating and tallying the data points that need to be historised in the system
Solutions Implemented by Plant Werx
  • A Wonderware Historian server-client was deployed
  • Plant Werx provided the Wonderware Historian licenses, installation, configuration of tags, trends, and remote desktop connection from internet access.
  • The plant has the capability to collect data for monitoring and analysis, and allow other branches to access the data remotely
  • The new system worked well for the Singapore plant and was later configured to replicate its data to their plant that is based in the US.