Centralised Monitoring and Reporting System for Waste Management Plants

The end-customer used to have segregated monitoring and reporting system for each of its existing waste management plants. Each plant was designed by different vendors and thus had varied brands and systems, too.

  • Provide a solution allowing operators to monitor and control multiple plants in central location
  • Provide a reporting solution for reporting with NEA
  • Reverse engineering of existing systems due to lack of documentation
  • Reorganizing existing solutions created by different vendors which trying to maintain continuity with the existing system
Solutions Implemented by Plant Werx
  • Created the centralised control system graphics with Wonderware System Platform
  • Deployed a historical logging system and utilised Dream Report to extract the information for data visualisation
  • A centralised system was deployed, allowing operators to monitor 7 plants from the central operation building
  • Automated reporting was deployed to help cut down the time required to get the required data for audit submissions