Plant Werx Pte Ltd

Great People Integrating Great Automation Systems
Since Year 2000

Our Vision

To create a caring and flexible working environment so as to achieve a motivated workforce that grows with the company in providing top quality service and product to meet all customers’ expectation

Our Mission

  • Provide quality services and products to meet customers requirements
  • Continually improve on the performance of our services and products through effective analysis of our Quality Management System

Our Objectives

Customers are the very reason for our existence. We will listen and satisfy their needs.
Employees are our most valuable asset. We will promote a culture of openness, empowerment, learning and development.
Our suppliers are our partners whom we hope to establish a good rapport within terms of service and pricing.

Our Quality Management System

Plant Werx is committed to:

  • Provide quality solutions and scalable systems and services to customers
  • Continually improve on our level of technical expertise and service to enhance our customers’ satisfaction

You can download our latest Company Profile here.